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[Zee World] 7th December 2019 Update On King of Hearts

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateDecember 5, 2019 - Last modified on March 30th, 2021 at 9:12 am


King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update on Zee World

In the previous episode of King of Hearts, Mittul comes into the room, pretending to be room service. She is wearing a face mask over her mouth and nose, so they don’t recognise her. Roshni brings in her documents and gives them to Kesar. One page falls out and Mittul picks it up. Mittul checks the document outside and she’s shocked that Ragini Desai is actually Roshni Patel. .

In Tonight episode, Mittul checks the document outside and she’s shocked that Ragini Desai is actually Roshni Patel. Sid is at home talking on the phone with Anya. He tells her that he would be going to see Roshni. Simran hears him and delibeartely cuts her finger. She screams and Sid rushes to her.

He stays to take care of her and she tells herself that she would gladly cut off her arm to prevent him from seeing Roshni. Roshni has the documents with her fake name at her desk in the office.

Mittul and Ranjeet walk in and Ranjeet apologises to her. Roshni says it’s okay.
She gets a call from Neel and turns around to take it.

Mittul slips the page with Roshni’s real information into the file. At the board meeting, Ranjeet and Mittul watch as Roshni hands the file to Neel. They are shocked when Neel doesn’t see the page.
Roshni signs the documents and Neel welcomes her as a partner. He holds her by the waist and Sid walks out in anger.

Mittul tells Ranjeet that Sid must have helped Roshni sneak the page out. Later on, Neel puts a flower in Roshni’s hair and asks if she’s not happy. She says she is. Neel says he has a surprise for her. She follows him out.

Sid is about to follow them. Anya tells him that if he keeps following Roshni about, she won’t have a chance to know what she’s doing is wrong.Sid says she wants to tell him something but she never gets a chance to. Anya says she would go with him.

Roshni runs into Simran at the hotel.
Simran asks if she and Neel have come to choose a venue for their wedding just like Sid and Anya have done.Roshni is shocked. Simran says everything is set for Sid and Anya’s wedding.

Sid and Anya arrive and as they are looking for Roshni, Anya gets dizzy.Sid asks if she’s okay.Anya says she feels dizzy and it must be because of the pregnancy.Sid holds her and says he will help her find a room to rest. They get into the elevator and she rests on him.

Roshni sees them and asks herself if all the things Simran said are true and if she will be making a mistake to give up Neel for Sid.

Next day Ranjeet and his friend see Roshni as she is walking to her car outside the office. He tells hid friend that Roshni forced her way into his house and took what belongs to him.His friends says she’s very pretty. Ranjeet takes him to Roshni. He tells Roshni that his friend thinks she’s beautiful so he wants to check her out.

King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update on Zee World

Roshni warns him to stay away. She tries to get into the car but he pulls her back. Sid appears behind him and pulls him off then beats him to a pulp. The friends escapes. Roshni stops Sid from hitting Ranjeet with a brick. Ranjeet runs off.

Roshni holds Sid and says she wants to tell him something.
Sid says he has been waiting for her to say it.
She says she will always…
she is interrupted by her phone ringing.
She answers the call and Neel asks her to come over right away.
She tells Sid that she will text him the address of a place where they can meet to talk later.

Mittul is cleaning Ranjeet’s wounds.
He threatens to expose Roshni.
She tells him not to be stupid as he doesn’t have any evidence and they can be thrown out of the house.

Roshni walks in and Mittul begs her not to tell Neel about Ranjeet so he doesn’t kick them out.
Roshni tells her Ranjeet is the way he is because of his upbringing and he deserves to be behind bars. She tells Ranjeet that it’s his final warning.
She leaves for her room and Mittul tells Ranjeet that she will teach Roshni a lesson.

Sid is at home waiting for Roshni’s text message but it doesn’t come. He decides to get dressed anyway. Roshni is at the location where Sid is to meet her. It is a garden that has been beautifully decorated. She tells Pintu that the decoration is perfect. Sid is driving to the venue.

Roshni hears footsteps behind her and starts a speech. She says she was living her life but then it changed forever the day she met him and he gave her hope and taught her how to live. Her family was incomplete without him. He was a good friend, good husband and good son-in-law and that’s all a girl dreams of. She agrees she was lost for a while and running from her love but soon she came to realise what she lost.

She says she’s not perfect but she knows he’s perfect for her and him coming back into her life is perfect and finally she feels at ease and she feels like touching the sky and telling the whole world how much she loves him. She shouts ‘I love you’ repeatedly. The person walks up to her and holds her from behind. He says she doesn’t now how long he has waited to hear him say it. She’s shocked to hear Neel’s voice.

Sid is caught in traffic.Roshni is crying tears of disappointment.Neel tells her not to get emotional.
He hugs her. Naina and Simran show up and congratulate them.Roshni is unable to say anything.
She asks herself what’s going on. Neel says it was Simran that helped Roshni arrange the place.Simran tells Neel not to delay the wedding again.

Naina says she and Simran decided to have a double wedding for Sid and Anya as well as Roshni and Neel. Sid arrives at a place that looks like an abandoned warehouse.He wonders why Roshni sent him far from the city.Naina calls Anya to tells her about the double wedding.Simran vows not to let Roshni be with Sid again.

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