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[Zee World] 5th October 2019 Update on The Heir

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateOctober 4, 2019 - Last modified on March 30th, 2021 at 9:12 am


The Heir 5 October 2019 Update begins as Mohini thinks to talk to Harjeet before Raj. She tells him that Raj wants Rohan back and she wants the same. She angers him by speaking against Rohan and asking him to get Rohan back. Raj comes there to talk about Rohan too.

Harjeet says he won’t come back. Raj says till Rohan comes back, I won’t marry. Harjeet says you can’t blackmail me always. Mannu says yes, Harjeet is right, you are blackmailing for a drunkard, no use, I saved him from Harjeet once, thinking he will change, then I understood doing anything for him is waste, its good Harjeet is not calling him home, he is a joke on Bajwas name, its better he does not come here. Raj and Harjeet get angry. Harjeet asks Raj to get Rohan back, if outsiders can stay here, Rohan is the son of this house. Raj gets shocked. Harjeet goes.

Mohini goes after him. Mannu says sorry Raj, I told bad about Rohan, I thought to use the hatred, its good if Rohan comes back this way. Raj thinks where is Rohan. Rohan sees his car punctured. Simran hits the tyre like him and goes with him. She gets tired and sits. She asks for food. He lifts her and takes her to some hit. Amrit asks Mannu why did she do this.

Mannu says Raj did many mistakes, but he respects Rohan a lot, I want to support him, I will attend the marriage functions as Raj will ultimately marry me, I did not kill Raman, Lord knows truth, Raj wants me to be part of this marriage, things were never easy for me, Raj can’t marry Sakshi, I will make his decision tough. Amrut says I will make you ready, you will look much beautiful, you have to make lahenga like Sakshi to marry Raj, how will you manage.

Rohan gets food for Simran. He ties her hands and asks her to be quiet. She eats food. She says if mummy was here, she would have fed me. He says mum is not always together. She says I miss her, do you miss your mum. He sees the anklet and says mum used to love me a lot but I always troubled her, I never respected her, after she went, I realized what’s love, I could have stopped mum and went with him, I lost that chance too, when she came back, I m not able to meet her eyes, I m a drunkard, a bad man, Raj is good, everyone respects me, none respects me, Raj married and made Bajwas name shine. Simran sleeps.

Rohan says relations are strange right. He turns and sees her sleeping. He covers her up and says you are a nice girl, I want to become good in front of my dad, so I have to use you. Amba comes home and recalls her daughters. She thinks of Simran and says where did she go. She thinks my daughters were my strength, Lord give them courage to face all problems

Next day Mannu praises Pammi and takes her pics. She checks the phone. She asks her to do some makeup. Pammi poses. Mannu calls the man and says you have to make two lahenga to keep one as backup, don’t come here, I will come there and try it to check. Its morning, pandit says puja items are fine, call the bride. Mohini asks Pammi to get Sakshi. Raj asks Preet to come here. Mohini asks why. Raj says she should know what’s called real marriage. Sakshi comes and holds Raj’s hand. Sakshi thinks we will unite now and smiles.

The Heir 5 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Mannu comes in the bridal dress. Raj looks at her. He gets mesmerized. Amrit smiles seeing Mannu. She compliments Mannu. Sakshi says a wife is becoming part of husband’s marriage. Mannu says I wish Raj thought like you, that I m his wife, maybe I would have not seen this day, anyways, atleast you agreed that we got married.

Raj says we are doing this puja as many problems are coming in my marriage, like you. Mohini makes Mannu away and asks pandit to start puja. Sakshi lights the incense sticks. She thinks I will not let Preet come between me and Raj.

She drops an incense stick near Mannu. Mannu steps on it and burns her foot. She falls in Raj’s arms. They have an eyelock. O re piya…..plays….. Amrita smiles. Raj sees Sakshi. Harjeet and Mohini get worried. Pandit blesses Raj and Mannu. Harjeet says Raj and Sakshi are going to get married, you blessed Mannu.

Mannu says Raj and Sakshi are the couple, Raj is marrying Sakshi. Raj signs Sakshi. Mohini thinks Mannu is expert in cheating, Preet does not know me, I will get Raj and Sakshi married. Pandit apologizes. Harjeet goes. Raj says I understand what you are trying to do. Mannu asks what. Raj says I will marry just Sakshi. Mannu says I m not doing anything. Raj goes. Mohini takes Sakshi. They see Amrit smiling.

Amrit says Lord is also on your side. Mannu nods, she says when I saw Raj and Sakshi together, my heart was sinking, today Lord has shown he is on my side. Amrit says Lord supports one who helps himself, you are doing a lot to save your marriage. Mannu says I have to make sure Raj’s rasams happen with me. Mohini hears this and thinks Preet will not succeed in her motives.

Mohini says Preet is very clever, she took away the blessings, why did Raj not let her go. Raj says I m thinking why is she so calm, what is she thinking. Sakshi says you think she is calm, she moved me and took the blessings, she will sit in mandap and you will not think anything. Raj says I m thinking she may have a big plan in my mind. He hears anklet sound and says Mannu will not sit quiet, we have to keep an eye on Haldi.

Mannu says they will keep an eye on me, I m going to tailor and come back, if lahenga is not made exacly, it will he problem. She goes. Amba looks for Simran. The man say she was looking mad and laughs. She threatens them. They tell her that Simran went with a girl . She asks them not to tell this about anyone’s daughter.

Mannu meets the tailor and asks him for the lahenga. He asks her to call Bajwa family and confirm. He calls at Mannu’s house and asks her about the lahenga. Mohini does not hear anything. She asks why do they call when they have nothing to talk. The man says why two lahenga for bride. Mannu says there is no mistake, I will explain, bride wants to lose weight, she is dieting, she will wear second lahenga is he loses weight. She asks him to take her measurements. He agrees.

Amba asks lady for Simran. Rohan looks for Simran. He says I left her here, where did she go. Simran says I won, you lost. She calls him useless. He recalls Harjeet. Amba thinks what to do, I will go and see in jungle once. Rohan angrily takes Simran to his car. Amba gets shocked seeing them. Amrit waits for Mannu as rasam is going to begin. Raj looks at the door.

Sakshi asks for whom are you waiting. He says Preet…. She gets shocked. He says she is very clever, we have to keep an eye on her. She says Mohini will see her, everyone is waiting, go and get ready. Raj thinks why is my sight finding Preet. The girl dance. Sakshi talks to Mohini about Preet. She says I wish I locked her in the room, Mannu never sits with peace. The lady asks Armit to apply haldi to Raj first. Amrit asks Raj to think again, he is already married to Preet and now he wants to marry Sakshi. She applies haldi to him.

The Heir 5 October 2019 Update ends as Mannu gets ready and comes. Raj is mesmerized seeing her. Amrit smiles. Lady compliments Mannu and asks her to dance. Mannu dances with the girls. Raj looks on. Amrit observes Raj’s sight on Mannu. Raj holds Amrit’s hand and stops her. He says I know you are going to apply my haldi to Preet, why, I m your son, even then support Preet, why, Mohini asks Amrit to wash her haldi hands. Raj says I will never wish my hadli to be applied to Mannu. Mannu is sad.

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