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[Zee World] 10th August 2019 Update On Mehek

PublishedBy: in Zee World UpdateAugust 7, 2019


Mehek 10 August 2019 Update – Shaurya is hiding in pest control team car, he gets down from car and starts going in house, he strikes with Nikki but she doesnt see his face and goes in garden. Shaurya enters house and starts spraying on windows so they can see inside.

Shaurya starts searching rooms. He doesnt find in one room so seaches another. One worker starts working on cleaning bugs on bed. In garden, Ajay brings juice for Kanta and Mahek and leaves.

Previous: Mehek 9 August 2019 Update 

Kanta asks Mahek if Shaurya will find papers? she says dont talk right now.
One workers takes mattress off from Nikki’s bed and finds safe there, he shows it to Shaurya, Shaurya thinks Nikki is smart. Mehek 10 August 2019 Update

Shaurya tries to open safe but its locked. Nikki leaves garden and goes in house, worker says you cant come inside, work is going on, she doesnt listen to him and starts going to her room.

Shaurya is in her room and tries to open safe but its locked with code, he tries to enter different codes. Nikki comes there so Shaurya hides and starts leaving. More update soon….

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