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Frank Lampard names two club he would never agree to manage

PublishedBy: in SportNovember 23, 2019

Current Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has made it clear that he would never manage Premier League side Tottenham after the club hired the Blues legend Jose Mourinho.

Lampard is thinking about the London rivalry built up over 13 years and stated that he would not consider managing Tottenham and Arsenal.

The former England international won the Premier League three times as a Chelsea player under Jose Mourinho.

Asked if he could take charge of Spurs one day, Lampard smiled and replied: “I can firmly say no. And you can replay that it ten years, or whenever you want! No, it wouldn’t happen.

”But I think things are different. Jose Mourinho has worked for a lot of football clubs and you have to respect his right to work.

”Chelsea is certainly very close to my heart. Hence why I’m so proud to manage this club.

“And hence why I wouldn’t manage Tottenham, and that’s no disrespect to Tottenham,” Frank Lampard explained according to the report on UK Sun.

Lampard has been impressive so far this season for Chelsea and the Blues are occupying third position on the Premier League standings with 26 points.

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