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[Lyrics] You’Re More Than Great -Bro Marv

PublishedBy: in LyricsJune 9, 2019



Listen & Download “YOU ARE MORE THAN GREAT – BRO MARV” below:-


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Lift up your hands as we worship the Lord
We join the host of angels to call Him great
He deserve all our praise
Speak in tongues

Heavenly breeze
Overwhelms all
Birds of the air
Singing melodies to your name
Seeing the effulgence
Of the moon and stars
With these I know you are more than great

The dead are raise
The cripples walk
Mountains skip
Demons bow at your name
No search of your might
All your works are deep
With these I know you are more than great

You are more than great……….
I declare with my hands lifted up……..
Your Greatness stems from up above…..
You are more than Great……. x2

You are more than Great……..
I declare wit my hands lifted up……
Your greatness stems from up above……
You are More Than Great…….X3

At your name every power bow
At your word the barren become fruitful
There’s nothing too difficult for you to do
Lord we come before you to worship you
We say you’re Great
You’re Great
Father you’re Great
Lift up your hands and worship Him

Chorus – adnip with tongues

You are More than Great
I declare with my hands lifted up
Your greatness stems from up above
You are more than great (X3)

Ending part

You are more than Great! …oh .tongues
I declare with my totality……
Your Greatness is ever spreading…. Thank you Jesus
You are…..More…. than great………….


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