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Man with dreadlocks gets big job from Bank of America, Nigerians react

PublishedBy: in StoriesNovember 16, 2020 - Last modified on October 15th, 2021 at 1:07 am


The huge success of a young man with the name, Carlos Valerio, has got into cyberspace and the country’s Twitter users cannot help but draw lines of comparison.

Weeks ago, the man posted on his LinkedIn page that he got a job as an analyst from the Bank of America. He would be working in the institution’s global collateral management sector.

In a post that surfaced on Twitter, a tweep reposed the photo with his hippy hairstyle and said:

“How can I tell Nigerian HR that this guy just secured a bank job with this hairstyle?”

He went ahead to say that some companies before employment would tell their prospective workers to shave off their beards.

Many took to the comment sector to talk about the man’s hair and the different encounters they have faced applying for jobs.

Below are some of the reactions to the post:

@kenz_dream said:

“I could remember when i wanted doing my industrial attachment,the HR asked me to shave off my afro before we could have any further conversation…….funny enough the office no leta click when i don barb hair finish.”

@nomadic_moh said:

is not Nigeria. Nigeria is not USA. We do things differently. In u can’t secure a good job wearing Niqab or Hijab.”

@Innochriz said:

“The banks’ HR ain’t the problem, the problem na their customers, you inclusive. The bank just want a comfortable environment for their customers to bring their cash in. Blame is on the mentality of an average Nigerian.”

@ionjutaran said:

“I remember a time I went to the office in ’09 with a sly mohawk. I was lucky not to get a query. My HOP back then was a fellow 24 – series ( jack Bauer) fan. He just yelled and sent me home to cut it off Smiling face… I promptly did.”

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